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The Scariest Thing I have Seen For A While



I love horror movies.  I sit through movies like Alien, Scream, The Woman in Black and the likes, and barely even flinch.  But I do have a weakness.



Peter Rabbit had the same effect on me. I can’t even claim that it was James Cordons voice that did it either.  Those animals were FUCKED. UP

Not even Ewan McGregor can make me feel better about the Christopher Robin movie (I doubt we’ll see his todger in this, so there’s not even that to tempt me).

I think I’ll go watch Aliens to calm my nerves.

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Things About Having Chronic Illness That Can Be Worse Than The Illness.


1 – The Well Meaning Person That Ends Up Mortified

There is an older lady in my local charity shop that has been there for years. I don’t know her name, but she’s always been nice and chatty whenever I go in. I lived in a different village for a while, so I didn’t get over often and she’s not seen me much until I moved back to my home town six months ago. I’ve used a walking stick for a while now, but she hadn’t seen me regularly for a long while, and yesterday, when I went to see if I could find any bargains, she asked me if my ‘injury’ would take much longer to heal. And that’s when my heart sank, and I have to do one of the worst things to do with my disability.

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Warcraft Burn Out

I have a problem, and its name is World of Warcraft.


Don’t get me wrong, I do love World of Warcraft, But recently I have found myself logging on less and less, to the point where I’m considering cancelling my subscription for a while. I’ve just finished levelling my eighth character to LVL 110, and I just cannot face Surumar and Argus again. I’ve unlocked the subraces, so I don’t even need to worry about that. All I can do is wait til Battle for Azaroth to hit in August.

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What a Difference 6 Years Makes

I’m not sure about other people, but I kind of enjoy the Facebook Memories thing that pops up each day to show you what you posted about on the day since you joined.  Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes I find I cringe a bit about what I’d posted, and very occasionally it makes me kind of sad.

This photo appeared in my memories today.


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A Proud and Noble Border Terrier

Tilly is more or less back to normal following being attacked, both physically and mentally.  Here she is showing her regal bearing as a proud and noble Border Terrier.


The original “Proud and Noble Border Terrier” is, of course, Judgy Dog. Tilly is a big fan though and can only aspire to their greatness. Elphie cat couldn’t give two hoots either way, as you can tell.