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Warcraft Burn Out

I have a problem, and its name is World of Warcraft.


Don’t get me wrong, I do love World of Warcraft, But recently I have found myself logging on less and less, to the point where I’m considering cancelling my subscription for a while. I’ve just finished levelling my eighth character to LVL 110, and I just cannot face Surumar and Argus again. I’ve unlocked the subraces, so I don’t even need to worry about that. All I can do is wait til Battle for Azaroth to hit in August.

I don’t remember having this level of burnout towards the end of previous expansions. But I am well aware that my play style has changed over recent years.

I’m not a big raider anymore, and I don’t bother too much with mythics. This, however, could be down to me not being in a great guild like I used to be. Both Wowrush Rushers and Enthusiasm disappeared and/or changed and now I find myself drifting from guild to guild trying to find a home that suits me. Every time I’ve joined a ‘friendly, social guild’ they’ve either turned out to be dead, with no one talking or full of people who spew nonsense such as “I can call people r*tards as only r*tards would get upset” or “You’re female? Tits or GTFO” (If you like that kind of guild, fine, but it’s not for me).

Also, the sad fact is, my concentration and reaction times are just not up to high end raiding.  I’ll always bring flasks and food to the raid, be fully repaired, have read up on all the tactics, and  I don’t stand in the fire, but I will never top the damage meters, and that’s all people seem to look at nowadays.


https _blueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws.com_uploads_card_image_640756_2c422612-f3ea-43db-8301-63281ecf206c
Hurry up and be August already!!


The problem is, what to do until BfA? Somehow I got a beta invite despite me having opted out of beta testing, as I want to keep new content as fresh as I can. But for reasons I just said, I’m not going to play it.  I did have a quick firkle around with the Dark Iron Dwarves character creator, but that’s all I’ve done.

I’ve been replaying The Witcher 3, but I’m nearly done with that.  I had been playing Secret World: Legends but it just didn’t hold my attention for that long.  Guild Wars 2 is a nice game, but I feel like I’m really behind everyone already playing.  I have some financial issues right now, so can’t buy new games, or I’d be giving Ni No Kuni 2 or God of War a try.

I guess it art, comic books and endless repeats of Forged in Fire to keep me going for now then.


I can live with Forged in Fire repeats…(picture from Doug Marcaidas facebook)

If you are reading this, and have a nice guild on the WoW EU servers and wouldn’t mind a new member, drop me a line here, or add my battletag: chaotickitty#1891





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