To E-Read, or Not to E-Read

I’ve been using my kindle/kindle app to read for years now. Don’t get me wrong, I love real books, but I started to have a hoarding issue, plus ebooks tend to be cheaper. In recent years, my fibro and joint problems have made holding bigger books uncomfortable. Plus, if I woke at stupid AM, I could read without bothering my husband by turning the light on.

But I’ve been having trouble getting to sleep, and my night vision is terrible, and my doctor seems to think reading using my phone is at least part of the problem. I’ve read a few times that the bright light of a screen in the dark is bad for you, so I’ve made the choice to go back to physical, paper books.

It’s going well. I am definitely getting more sleep, and I’ve found I can hold paperbacks without much pain (trade paperbacks and hardbacks are not so easy, so I try and avoid them). I do have a growing pile at the side of my bed, but I’m being strict with myself, and only keeping the books I really enjoy and giving the rest to charity shops. Of course, when donating at said shops, I usually end up picking more books up. Oops. And I’ve only fallen asleep and hit myself in the face with a book once so far.

I think I will stick with the real books, and only use my kindle app in emergencies. All I need now is a bookcase.

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