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Time to Get Creative

I also used to be a very creative person.  At school, I used to spend most lunch breaks drawing in the art rooms.  I no longer draw due to stuff that happened when I was younger, and now I daren’t pick up a pencil, which is something I will work on.   But In my 20’s I used to do a lot of digital artwork.  I loved doing photo manipulations; making pictures using photoshop to alter photos.  Again though, I got out of the habit, except for a brief resurgence in 2012.

My job noways involves me designing posters for the pubs run by our company.  For example:

Burger Night Small

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To E-Read, or Not to E-Read

I’ve been using my kindle/kindle app to read for years now. Don’t get me wrong, I love real books, but I started to have a hoarding issue, plus ebooks tend to be cheaper. In recent years, my fibro and joint problems have made holding bigger books uncomfortable. Plus, if I woke at stupid AM, I could read without bothering my husband by turning the light on.

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